Community Partnerships

Music Therapy &
Mental Health.

We are thrilled to be collaborating with You Are Collective to fundraise and advocate for music therapy and mental health.

This collaboration, called Imperfect Harmony, breaks down the stigma of accessing mental health supports while tapping into our creative selves. In this collection, music therapy and mental wellbeing come together to bridge the gap of accessing mental health supports and creative art therapies. The flexible and supportive nature of music therapy allows for an open, safe, and creative environment for all. Proceeds from this collection will go back into the community to support a pilot project using music therapy for mental health for those in need.


You Are Collective is an Okanagan-based mental health social enterprise. They focus on creating empowering apparel, supportive resources and content, and collaborating with community partners to keep the conversation going around mental health and illness.

Kelsey at Ink & Sprout is a local artist and music therapy student. The two unique designs she created highlights our goal to encompass music, community, and mental health.

“Music has the power to heal, transform and inspire and we have the power through deep listening to increase our intuition and self awareness.” 

-Andre Feriante

As part of You Are Collective’s #1MillionCampign, proceeds from each purchase from the Imperfect Harmony collection helps to fund a local pilot project supporting music therapy for mental health.

In contributing to this collection, your money is supporting a holistic approach to mental wellness. With your help, Imperfect Harmony is bridging the gap to accessing mental health supports, and creative art therapies.


By purchasing from the Imperfect Harmony collection, you are helping to support music therapy services, and local businesses in our communities!