Kayla Turnbull


Founder of Soul Sounds Music Therapy, Kayla is a graduate of the Bachelor of Music Therapy Program at Capilano University. Following her 1000 hour internship at BC Children’s Hospital, it’s been a dream to bring Kayla’s career home to the Okanagan.  

Through her clinical practice, Kayla strives to provide a safe, supportive space for people of all backgrounds. Kayla shares her passion and expertise in song-writing and music improvisation as she supports clients in the creative therapeutic process. Kayla emphasizes the importance of providing a reflective voice for non-verbal clients. Outside of work, Kayla enjoys paddle boarding, exploring the outdoors, and being creative with visual, media and performing arts. 

Kayla’s areas of expertise include:

  • Infants, children, and youth with complex medical conditions
  • Autism and other pervasive developmental disabilities
  • Adult and adolescent mental health and psychiatry
  • Dementia and neurodegenerative disorder care

Lizzy Walsh


Originally from Vancouver Island, Lizzy is a graduate of the Music Therapy program at Capilano University. Before beginning her music therapy training, Lizzy completed a BSc in psychology at the University of Victoria with a minor in applied ethics. Currently, Lizzy is completing the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at UBC Okanagan. Throughout her education, Lizzy has been passionate about lifespan research and bringing her understanding of bio-psycho-social-spiritual frameworks into her clinical practice.

Within her music therapy practice, Lizzy aims to create an environment that encourages safety and openness. Whether sharing favourite songs, facilitating relaxation exercises, or creating legacy projects through songwriting and recording, Lizzy strives to meet her clients however they are in that moment. You will likely find Lizzy sailing, skiing, knitting, or exploring a new hiking trail outside of work.

Lizzy’s areas of expertise include:

  • End-of-life and palliative care
  • Dementia and neurodegenerative disorder care
  • Geriatric mental health and psychiatry
  • Brain injury

Miriam Bruning


Originally from Carman, Manitoba, Miriam is a music therapist with Soul Sounds Music Therapy. 

Miriam strongly values client-centered care that is tailored specifically to the individual’s strengths, needs and preferences. She loves working alongside clients in their various phases of life. Her areas of interest include Neurologic Music Therapy, and music therapy in both pediatric and long-term care. Outside of work, Miriam enjoys swimming, hiking and camping, time with family and friends, and making music. 

Emily Denison

Mus.Bac.Perf., GrDip, MTA

Emily completed her Graduate Diploma in Music Therapy at Montreal’s Concordia University. Her internship placements involved working with adults and seniors in long-term care, children with disabilities at a specialized school, and preschool-aged children in an Early Childhood Education setting. Emily has a Bachelor of Performance in Jazz Trumpet, and has also worked in Autism intervention and as a support worker with other populations. 

As a music therapist, Emily aims to connect with each client and support growth that aligns with their values. She strives to affirm and uplift all aspects of her client’s identity, including racial, cultural, disability, sexual orientation, and gender identities, and she values the diversity (both visible and invisible) and uniqueness of each individual in these areas and beyond.

Outside of work, Emily enjoys yoga, running, baking, music-making, and playing with her cat.

Brittany Keller

Music Therapy Internship Student

Originally from Saskatchewan, Brittany is a Capilano University student completing her 1000-hour internship with Soul Sounds Music Therapy. Brittany has completed her level 1 training in Guided Imagery and Music.

Brittany is passionate about giving her clients a safe space to explore their authentic selves. She holds strong humanistic values surrounding allyship and believes it is important to ensure that others feel supported, accepted, and that they are allowed to take up space. Brittany is an advocate for mental health and is excited for the opportunity to work with and help others with music therapy. Aside from work, Brittany also enjoys spending time in nature, film photography, gardening, and rollerskating.


Bobbi Cerin


Originally from Alberta, Bobbi completed her 1000-hour Pre-Professional Practicum with Soul Sounds Music Therapy.

Bobbi strives to create a welcoming and safe environment for everyone in and out of sessions. It is her hope to support people in their life journey using a creative therapeutic process, whether that be through sharing favourite songs, creating playlists, song-writing, or improvisation. Bobbi values inclusion, accountability, and offering choices in her practice. Outside of work, you can find Bobbi hiking, backcountry camping, kayaking, or practicing yoga.