Music Therapy

Music Therapy Month Podcast

Back in March we celebrated Music Therapy Month by joining Rachel from The Practical Realist podcast to talk about our journeys to music therapy, and how we use music within a therapeutic practice. Give our episode called “Music Heals with Lizzy & Kayla” a listen, and learn more about the The Practical Realist below.

Embracing the Dark with Suzanne Sagmeister The Practical Realist

Suzanne takes us on a journey through the resilience of the human spirit and her experience with suicide that brought her to the 'Life After Dark' project. We discuss her upcoming music video release, what architects of hope are, and Suzannes inspiring relationship with darkness. I walk away with a profound appreciation for humanity and the strength that is demonstrated through every single person who shares their story in her book. Learn more >> here <<
  1. Embracing the Dark with Suzanne Sagmeister
  2. Trifecta of Rock Bottoms with Kara Michelle
  3. Closed Mouths, Open Ears with Cheryl Hanson
  4. Spin The Clouds with Josh Bachynski
  5. Eat Your Own Spaghetti with Tanis McRae

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