Music Therapy

Music Therapy Month Podcast

Back in March we celebrated Music Therapy Month by joining Rachel from The Practical Realist podcast to talk about our journeys to music therapy, and how we use music within a therapeutic practice. Give our episode called “Music Heals with Lizzy & Kayla” a listen, and learn more about the The Practical Realist below.

Dreams & Trance States with Jesse Lyon The Practical Realist

What an INCREDIBLE way to end Season One! Jesse and I have a blast discussing hypnotherapy, a clap back to skeptics and how we tend to live so much of our lives in a form of trance. We laugh over dream interpretations, what Jesse would eradicate from the human belief system, and I come to a breakthrough regarding my beloved spirit animal, the deer fawn. Could you draw a Unideeagle (that right, it's a Unicorn-Deer-Eagle) for a chance to be featured on Jesses page? Learn more about Trauma Focused Hypnotherapy >> here << Find Jesse here >> @lyonmentalhealth <<
  1. Dreams & Trance States with Jesse Lyon
  2. Gender in Suitcases with Leah Spasova
  3. Embracing the Dark with Suzanne Sagmeister
  4. Trifecta of Rock Bottoms with Kara Michelle
  5. Closed Mouths, Open Ears with Cheryl Hanson

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